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You should have a plan when you enter the US market for the first time in your company's history! In the United States, many things are different than in Europe. Instead of meters, you have inches and feet; instead of kilograms, you have pounds. Besides these easy conversations, you should be cautious and aware that many other elements in the business context are also different. Steel descriptions are defined by the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI). Electrical devices often require an Underwriter Laboratories (UL) certification, and there are many more differences. When entering a new market, we recommend having at least a consultant or mentor for the team available. Otherwise, you will not be successful. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 

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We work with global and local logistic services to import your product quickly and correctly into the United States. When your product is in the US, we work with our local shipper to send it cost-efficiently to your customer. 


Working with US authorities requires attention, especially when importing foreign goods. Import duties must be paid, and a legal representative must answer questions in case Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) has questions regarding usage, product origin, classification, or any other questions. The expectation is that CBP contacts someone (by phone) and receives an answer. When the contact person resides in Europe, and it is outside office hours, your employee will not answer a call from US authorities. The result is a stop of the import process, and your product will be held at a warehouse at the importer's expense. Therefore, it is essential to have someone local available who is trained to work with US authorities. Tailor3D can support you with the regional classification of Harmonized Tariff Schedules (HTS) and works with excellent brokers who supervise importation.

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Tailor3D can assist you in finding the right warehouse for your needs. We work with licensed real estate agents with access to a vast network of buildings. If you have smaller products, you can easily store them in our Tailor3D warehouse in Atlanta, GA. If you prefer to send components to reduce import duty and save on shipping costs, Tailor3D can provide you with assembly services locally. Contact us for more information. 


Tailor3D has fully digital business processes. There is no paper pushing needed for contracts. Contracts are signed with digital tools that are GPDR and HIPAA compliant. Many companies in the United States require non-disclosure agreements before engaging in business. Therefore, a fast and safe process with the proper tools is vital to stay competitive. When you enter the US market, please expect your customer to refrain from signing documents on paper when you reside in Europe. It takes too long, is cumbersome, and expensive. Tailor3D has automated solutions that help you stay organized with your customers. 

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Tailor3D is proud of cooperating with a top-ranked foreign exchange (FX) provider, Monex USA, to reduce the currency exchange risk. Either you transfer Euro currency to the US-Dollar or vice versa, you expose yourself to losing cash due to the market volatility of each currency. When you want to enter a new market in a foreign currency, your customer wants to pay with the local currency and have a sustainable pricing structure. Disregarding this fact will not satisfy customers; therefore, we want to help you find the proper FX risk mitigation strategy. Monex USA specializes in providing corporate foreign exchange, global payments, and risk management solutions. Get in touch with us to learn more. 

We can support you during the US market expansion with multiple services. Besides taking care of any logistic services, we can help you with many different service needs you may have. Additionally, we help you with any certifications you need. We have the right partners if you need an electrical UL or an FDA certification.

Our approach is very focused on your value chain, and we can ensure that your operations are set up for success. We ensure you have the proper documents with the correct terminologies and that your product or service fits the US market.

We find you customers who will benefit from your products, and when your revenue stream is strong enough, we support you with hiring local employees and finding the proper facility for you. All that can happen within one year. We have proven that!

Bilingual professionals at Tailor3D can help you understand the European and US markets easier. Tailor3D can support you on both continents so that you can stay in your comfort zone.



Tailor3D is a proud member of the European American Chamber of Commerce. We connect businesses in Europe with North American businesses.

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Tailor3D focuses on additive manufacturing and automation solutions in combination with augmented and virtual reality. We believe that manufacturing will change significantly in the following years, and it is essential to create everything digitally until you need an actual product. Customized solutions supported by advanced development technologies to lower costs and make the best fitting product! We are Tailor3D!

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Proud member of European Americal Chamber of Commerce
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