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Tailor3D supports you with all essential needs for your US branch. We work with a network of professional services that you need to get started. Besides that, Tailor3D offers three packages for your convenience to enter the US market:


Our first package is tailored to your needs when entering a new market. Under Tailor3D, we bring your products into the United States market and develop sales channels for US customers. Tailor3D develops a proposal on how to present your product/service, so it meets American standards and attracts US customers. We can cooperate with industrial distributors or sell your product directly from our warehouse. Additionally, we can train customers on your product. 

The benefit for you is that you work with a local expert who has existing customers and understands customer service in the US. 

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Our second package allows you to enter the US market as a foreign entity. This package will catch your interest when you are confident in your product or service that it will sell. You can enter the US market quickly and directly represent your company and brand.

Our network of professionals can help you with all legal and tax-related tasks. Tailor3D will support you in all marketing, sales, and technical-related topics. Enter the US with your brand with peace of mind! 


Our third package enables you to start your US branch immediately. You most likely will pick this package because you already have significant sales with US customers, but importing products and foreign exchange fees are a hassle. No worries, Tailor3D has you covered. In this package, we include services from our professional network: 

  • Filing all tax forms

  • Performing all related bookkeeping services

  • Finding the right warehouse, or manufacturing location

  • Hiring and finding you the right employees

Tailor3D is your partner in building your US subsidiary. 

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Living on two continents, North America and Europe, makes you aware of cultural differences. One of the most significant business factors is keeping up with the fast-paced environment. Many European companies struggle initially because they do not have the proper capacity in place or cannot connect with US clients. Even though you have the best product in the world, you will fail if your sales approach fails to convince a customer.

In the US, where you have a strong value-based pricing model in place, European companies focus too much on cost-based pricing. Understanding all these differences between Europe and the United States will be the fundament of developing a solid business development strategy. Even though the US is a very strong digital savvy market, you still will make business transactions with people.

Bilingual professionals at Tailor3D can help you understand the European and US markets easier. Tailor3D can support you on both continents so that you can stay in your comfort zone.



Tailor3D is a proud member of the European American Chamber of Commerce. We connect businesses in Europe with North American businesses.

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Proud member of

Proud member of European Americal Chamber of Commerce



320 Gold Ave. SW, Ste. 620 PMB 2582
Albuquerque, NM, 87102


Tailor3D focuses on additive manufacturing and automation solutions in combination with augmented and virtual reality. We believe that manufacturing will change significantly in the following years, and it is essential to create everything digitally until you need an actual product. Customized solutions supported by advanced development technologies to lower costs and make the best fitting product! We are Tailor3D!

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