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When we define the proper market and have a strategy in place how to generate revenue, we develop sales activities, which are supported by marketing initiatives.


Your website is essential and can determine if you are successful in the United States of America or not. The US is a vast country, and most interested parties will search for you online, review your website, and then consider contacting you or not. Therefore, your website is your central element of marketing and one of your most important sales channels. Your website is your digital storefront, and it must meet American expectations. 

Your website needs to explain what problem you are trying to solve with your product and what differentiates you from your competitors' products. Tailor3D provides tailored solutions to present your unique selling proposition best. We offer AI-enabled presentations, image videos, eLearning platforms, and many more tools. Contact us for more information. 

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In the section Business Development, we present our Segmentation-Targeting-Positioning Marketing approach. In the section Sales and Marketing, we execute the strategy and validate its performance. Tailor3D uses state-of-the-art tools like embedded contact forms on the website, email automation solutions, targeted advertising tools, and many more. We can help you develop a trade show booth and address any other marketing tools you might need. 


Together with our clients, we evaluate the marketing strategy and ensure that we take into account the 4Ps of marketing.

What product are we offering customers, and how are the benefits presented to customers in the marketing campaign? Price is the second important "P". We want to provide value and understand customers' willingness to pay for our offerings. Through market analysis and with our expertise, we find the right price for your product. Pricing must be balanced to be attractive to the customer and, at the same time, ensure a solid profit margin. Estimating the price with caution is essential when entering new markets. Promotion is our third "P" and addresses the advertising and media strategy of introducing customers to our products. The last "P" is place, and we define where to sell the product.

Is it only online through a webshop, or do we utilize brick-and-mortar stores? Do we utilize a third-party distribution channel or only the Tailor3D warehouse? Tailor3D has many options available to address your needs. Contact us for more information. 

4P of Marketing: price, promotion, place and product
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Lead generation and customer acquisition is the core activity of Tailor3D for European customers. Many European companies need more customer support when entering the United States for the first time. US customers have a higher level of service expectation and require more than just a product sale. US customers expect generous warranty policies, short lead times, and extensive customer service before they enter an agreement. Most European companies underestimate their efforts and need more resources available during market entry. Tailor3D can support you with additional resources and tailored solutions to increase your available capacities. 


Trade shows are particularly crucial for European businesses when entering the US market due to their unique market penetration and expansion opportunities. These events provide a platform for European companies to showcase their products or services directly to American customers, distributors, and potential partners. European businesses can gain valuable insights into American consumer preferences, market trends, and competitive dynamics by participating in US trade shows. Additionally, trade shows facilitate networking with key stakeholders, including industry professionals, buyers, and investors, which can lead to strategic partnerships and distribution agreements. Moreover, trade shows enable European businesses to establish brand visibility and credibility in the US market, ultimately helping them navigate the complexities of international trade and accelerate their growth trajectory. We at Tailor3D can help you with any needs for your trade show. See here our business partner ZELL at Modex 2024. 

When we define the proper market and have a strategy in place how to generate revenue, we develop sales activities, which are supported by marketing initiatives.

When your company is a "hidden champion, " it will be challenging to enter the United States successfully. Hidden Champions means that the company is unknown and lacks public attention. For the US, it is vital to have a strong brand presence. Therefore, we support strengthening your brand and developing multiple sales channels to reach prospective customers.

Bilingual professionals at Tailor3D can help you understand the European and US markets easier. Tailor3D can support you on both continents so that you can stay in your comfort zone.

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Tailor3D is a proud member of the European American Chamber of Commerce. We connect businesses in Europe with North American businesses.

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Proud member of European Americal Chamber of Commerce



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Tailor3D focuses on additive manufacturing and automation solutions in combination with augmented and virtual reality. We believe that manufacturing will change significantly in the following years, and it is essential to create everything digitally until you need an actual product. Customized solutions supported by advanced development technologies to lower costs and make the best fitting product! We are Tailor3D!

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