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Our Partners

Tailor3D strives to provide excellent service. We can provide this service when we work with fantastic suppliers and partners.

Tailor3D focuses on engineering topics. Making a great product and providing excellent services needs more than an outstanding skill set in all engineering disciplines. We always work with people and quite often with people from different continents. Therefore it is essential bringing individuals together and bridge the cultural gap. We want everyone who does business with Tailor3D to receive a customized service for their specific needs. Christian Hoeferle supports our clients with cultural training, coaches executives, and mentors individuals to minimize cultural borders. 

Logo of the European American Chamber of Commerce

The European American Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization and member of the Enterprise Europe Network, the world's largest support network for SMEs with international ambitions. Sine Tailor3D works with many European companies, Tailor3D wants to make sure to provide its clients the best support network in Europe and the United States. EACC can support Tailor3D with specific needs, from networking events to industry-related representation. A win for Tailor3D and EACC, bringing two continents closer together.

ZELL Group has an excellent reputation for workpiece carrier systems in Europe. In cooperation with Tailor3D, ZELL enters the U.S. market to bring operational advantages to Tailor3D's customers. ZELL products are used for inter-company transportation, warehousing, and parts cleaning. ZELL Factory System is patented and convinces by its price, lightweight, level of customization, and how easy it is to replace parts. Tailor3D is a proud distributor and provides implementation services nationwide. Contact us for more information.

DigitalituM Logo

DigitalituM is a digitalization powerhouse and provides digital solutions for the manufacturing industry. With its strong German partnership and innovative products, it supplies many solutions to solve challenges in operations. Projected augmented reality and software applications are only a few highlights of DigitalituM's product portfolio. If you want to get rid of your work instructions and improve your assembly quality, DigitalituM is your go-to supplier. Check out their Ulixes - Der Assistent

Logo of ERO Fuehrungen

ERO-Führungen is a medium-sized family enterprise focusing on slide and roller guidances for special machinery equipment. ERO is famous for M-linear guidance products and sets standards within the mechanical industry. Tailor3D is the authorized reseller of ERO products in the USA and provides engineering services locally to customers. The strongest product portfolios are adjustment slides, guide rails, and linear axes. These products are most often used in automation and linear motion applications.

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