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If you are considering entering the world's largest economy, you must be prepared.


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Besides the obvious differences, such as language and currency, cultural differences are usually underestimated when entering the US market. The US market is very fast-paced, and fast feedback from suppliers is expected. If the preparation of a quotation takes longer than a week, this is perceived as poor performance and hurts sales opportunities. Foreign currencies or European terminology on sales documents also have a negative impact. For example, the Value Added Tax (VAT) on invoices does not exist in the USA and leads to a lack of understanding by customers.

Tailor3D supports you in understanding cultural differences and setting up your customer communication in a market-oriented form. We also work with local CPAs and lawyers to find the best solutions for our clients. Our service does not stop here. We support you with the legal basics, and we help you build a successful revenue machine in a new market.


We help you enter the US market with American tools and culture


  • Market Analysis

  • Business Planning

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Tailored strategies for Market Entry


  • Website Optimization

  • Marketing Management

  • Trade Shows Organization

  • Lead Generation & Customer Acquisitions


  • Shipping Services

  • Importation of Products

  • Digitalization of Value Chain

  • Reduce Currency Exchange Risk

  • Technical & Engineering Services


  • Options to enter the US market

  • Accounting Services

  • Real Estate Services

  • Hiring and Talent Acquisition


In our business development section, we support European clients in driving their business growth in the US market. Tailor3D analyzes your product or services and researches what market segment could benefit the most from your offering. We will develop a business and marketing strategy to position your product or services in the right industry and perform a competitor analysis. We focus on long-term goals in combination with the right market entry option. You likely do not need a US subsidiary from the beginning; instead, Tailor3D can be your hub for your US customers. Our approach reduces costs and liability while we help you generate revenue with US clients. 

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When we talk about Sales, we talk about closing deals with customers and generating revenue. Sales is our operational part of the business development section, and we validate if our business strategy is working. Tailor3D offers tailored sales channels where we generate leads and turn them into customers. We understand US customers' needs and can assist European companies in easier onboarding to US clients without a language and cultural barrier. 

Vital marketing tools, like HubSpot, strongly support our sales activities. We work with many marketing experts who help us with any marketing needs. From business cards to customized trade show booths. 


Our tailored market expansion services ensure you have a smooth market entry. Entering the US market can be very challenging for an organization.   New documents must be prepared, harmonized tariff schedules (HTS) numbers must be developed, US customs questions must be answered, and many more challenges will arise. 

Tailor3D can take care of these challenges and can import your goods, so you do not need to worry about tax filing if you want. We have a fully operational logistics chain for your convenience. 

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We developed a three-tiered market entry option for our customers. Most customers want to avoid going full-in, incorporating a company, and hiring local people immediately. Instead, we found a way for our European customers to test the water first, and when our clients generate revenue, we will help them incorporate a US subsidiary. 

Additionally, we support our clients with other business activities, like finding a suitable office building, hiring local employees, and connecting with tax and legal experts. We are a one-stop shop! 

Bilingual professionals at Tailor3D can help you understand the European and US markets easier. Tailor3D can support you on both continents so that you can stay in your comfort zone.

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Tailor3D is a proud member of the European American Chamber of Commerce. We connect businesses in Europe with North American businesses.

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Tailor3D focuses on additive manufacturing and automation solutions in combination with augmented and virtual reality. We believe that manufacturing will change significantly in the following years, and it is essential to create everything digitally until you need an actual product. Customized solutions supported by advanced development technologies to lower costs and make the best fitting product! We are Tailor3D!

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Proud member of European Americal Chamber of Commerce
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