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How Tailor3D helps companies from Europe during the US Market Entry?

TAILOR3D offers three different approaches for its customers.

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The United States has long been viewed as a land of opportunity, and this perception holds true in many cases. We can witness this through the success stories of European companies that have expanded their operations into the US market, leading to growth and revenue diversification. Numerous examples exist across various industries, including well-known names such as Mercedes, STIWA, ZELL Group, and many more.

According to Index research, between 2015 and 2019, about one-third of European companies that started doing business in the US did so before they raised a Series A round of funding.

However, entering the US market can be daunting for European companies due to differences in regulations, consumer preferences, and business practices. Tailor3D offers a comprehensive solution to tackle these challenges and facilitate a smooth transition into the American market. Through three distinct packages, Tailor3D provides the necessary expertise and support for companies seeking to establish a presence in the US.

1. Testing the Water

Tailor3D's first package is designed for companies cautiously stepping into the US market. Under this package, Tailor3D imports your products into the US and strategically resells them. This not only simplifies logistics but also allows for efficient assembly, warehousing, and other logistical needs. 

What sets this package apart is Tailor3D's expertise in developing sales channels tailored for US customers. By leveraging our network, companies benefit from working with local experts who understand the nuances of customer service in the US. Tailor3D provides valuable insights on presenting products/services to meet American standards and attract US customers.

2. Committed Entry

The second package offered by Tailor3D is ideal for companies ready to commit to a more serious entry into the US market. Here, companies enter the US as foreign entities, representing their brand directly. Tailor3D provides comprehensive support in legal and tax-related tasks, marketing, sales, and technical aspects. With Tailor3D's assistance, companies can navigate the intricacies of the US market with confidence, focusing on building their brand presence and driving sales. This package offers a streamlined approach, allowing companies to establish their footprint in the US market swiftly and efficiently.

3. Full-in Expansion

Our third package helps you kickstart your US branch right away. This option is great if you're already making good sales to US customers. However, dealing with importing products, tracking exchange rates, and foreign exchange fees can be a hassle. This package caters to companies poised for full-scale expansion in the US market. This comprehensive solution enables companies to establish a US subsidiary and hire local employees, eliminating the hassle of importing products and dealing with foreign exchange fees. 

Tailor3D's extensive professional network handles all tax forms, bookkeeping services, warehouse or manufacturing location selection, and employee recruitment. By leveraging Tailor3D's expertise, companies can seamlessly transition into operating in the US, ensuring compliance and efficiency every step of the way.

Take Away:

Tailor3D serves as a trusted ally for European companies entering into the US market. Whether companies are testing the demand for their product, making a committed entry, or fully embracing expansion, Tailor3D's solutions and expert guidance pave the way for success. 

With Tailor3D guiding them, European companies can navigate the complexities of the US market easily, discovering new chances to grow and firmly establishing themselves in one of the world's biggest economies.


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