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Do you have already a plan to enter the US market?

TAILOR3D cooperates with Advantage Austria to develop a strategy for your business entering the US market. Join us!

When you plan to do something big for the first time, find a partner for your endeavor! Entering the US market is a big challenge and not an easy process. Suppose you are a business manager with no experience in market entry strategies and do not know the American culture well; you will fail. There are many unique points to consider when working with the American culture. American customers are used to excellent customer service support, almost unlimited product warranties, and fast response times. Many European companies are getting overwhelmed with the expectations of American customers, and it is not unusual for many European companies to leave the US market within the first three years. Therefore, it is essential to have a market entry plan and understand how to engage with customers, hire local employees, and know the local rules and regulations. 

However, you are not alone in your thoughts if you are an Austrian company. Did you know that Austria was the eighth fastest-growing source of foreign direct investments in the United States in 2022? Since there is strong interest by Austrian companies in the US market, the Chamber of Commerce in Austria supports companies in a very sophisticated and dedicated way.

Over a few years already, Advantage Austria USA offers the so-called Boot Camp, where business leaders can learn in the USA from local experts. In a very intensive crash course, business leaders are exposed to all aspects that must be considered. From legal to cultural training and best practices, members of this excellent course get superb business exposure to what it means to start a business in the USA. You can learn first-hand from industry experts and start networking. 

If you have any questions, contact Advantage Austria or Tailor3D for tailored solutions.


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