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Do you know how to enter the US market?

TAILOR3D can help you develop benefit packages and enter the US with a plan!

Many European companies desire to establish a branch in the United States of America for different reasons. It could be an additional sales channel, a logical next step to expand into new markets, or something simple like the CEO likes to travel to the USA. However, expanding to the United States must be well thought through. The only wish is too short a thought and might end in an early retreat from the US market. The US has the world's largest economy, and many European companies underestimate the investments needed to enter such a "wealthy" territory. For example, the labor and travel costs will be significantly higher than in Europe.

Additionally, with hiring employees comes a very thought-through "benefits package" that a company needs to offer. Besides mandatory insurance, like health care, dental, and optometrist insurance, you want to provide your future employees additional benefits. Pet insurance, free fitness memberships, and discount programs for retail shops are standard programs for employers. For a new employer on the market, you need to be attractive and stand out! Do you offer company adventurous days? Do you provide social days? For this reason, the human resource department has become more like the human capital department.

Especially for smaller companies, it is becoming increasingly challenging to compete with a large corporation and their incentive packages. Large corporations are known for higher salaries and excellent benefits. Competing as a small European company with large corporations will require significant planning. At Tailor3D, we have experience with that and know what young and experienced employees are looking for. They want to be part of an organization that listens to them, an organization that they are actively shaping with flat hierarchies. We at Tailor3D are more than happy to connect you with our experts in the field and review your hiring strategy and budget.

If all of that is too exhausting, we are more than happy to assist you with a customized strategy, and we can provide your services and products through Tailor3D to enter the US market. Contact us for more information.


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